IT Security

IT Security and data protection

Individuals, industry and government have embraced the many advantages modern IT infrastructure offers. However, organisations are presented with the challenge posed by increasing dependence on the digital landscape, from protecting IT systems and personal identifiable information (PII), to ensuring staff understand their roles in relation to creating low-risk and secure working environments. 

General Dynamics IT works with some of the most sensitive and complex IT systems in the world, honing expertise that translates into the work we do with local government agencies. We provide cyber security solutions that protect systems and implement programmes supporting organisations to create a staff culture of responsibility, including educating staff on cyber risks, providing information assurance audit services and shaping internal staff policies to support the protection of assets, customer data and PII. 

Example Services:  

  • Expert Penetration Testing
  • Security Architecture Services
  • Protective Monitoring
  • IT Security Services
  • Security and Information Risk Advice Services
  • Information Assurance Audit Services
  • IT Accreditor Services
  • IT Forensic Services
  • Culture of Responsibility Programmes and Training

General Dynamics IT protects some of the most complex and sensitive IT systems in the world. We translate this expertise into the work we do with local government agencies.