Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions

General Dynamics IT has designed, managed and operated 24 x 7 contact centres on behalf of public sector clients since 2003, working with local authorities, social housing providers and government agencies to transform business operations and innovative service delivery. Our experience includes facilitating channel shift and progression to self-service, implementing next generation CRM solutions and utilising people, processes and technology to deliver consistent, efficient and cost-effective customer interactions. 


  • Designing, managing and operating 24 x 7 contact centres
  • Facilitating channel shift and progression to self-service
  • Implementing and integrating Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 
  • Providing case management 

Multi-Channel Customer Interaction & Channel Shift 

Local government organisations are presented with the challenge of delivering simple, consistent and relevant customer experience across multiple channels (social, digital, direct, mobile and call centre). We work with local government agencies to achieve relevant channel shift, web enablement and progression to self-service, both improving customer interaction and delivering efficiencies. Our broad technical and management expertise, coupled with an in-depth understanding of multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics, enables General Dynamics IT to produce consistent CRM solutions to support multi-channel customer interaction and execute channel shift strategy.  

Case Management

Pressure to reduce process costs and drive efficiency in the fulfilment of civilian cases requires effective end-to-end process design and relevant technology that expedites service delivery. General Dynamics IT workflow and case management capabilities span the entire systems and operational life-cycle, from analysis, design and development to integration and extended business operations. One Touch Gov, our bespoke workflow and case management solution won the Adobe Global award for “Best Public Sector Project” and it was cited as a “UK Flagship for Administrative Burden Reduction” by the EU’s ePractice group.   


“We have renewed our contract second time around which shows we are extremely pleased at what the newly drafted framework will help us to deliver in terms of quality and confidence for our service. General Dynamics Information Technology listens, learns and applies the learning.

Mina Mistry, Support and Service Development Officer, Haringey Council

Lambeth Living

“I really feel that with General Dynamics Information Technology we have a partner that will enable us to transform the way we deliver service to our residents. We have ambitious plans all centred around putting the resident first. Not only does General Dynamics Information Technology share our vision and passion, they also have a great deal to contribute in making our vision a reality.”

Tina Bull, Head of Service Improvement, Lambeth Living