Population Health Management

Healthcare organisations can advance the quality of healthcare by developing a greater understanding of health and disease within specific community groups. Trending insights, based on variables such as age and geography, enable decision makers to plan health services more effectively and introduce health intervention strategies to manage illness and chronic conditions. Information on the health status of specific populations helps organisations identify and address healthcare disparities between social groups, improve the continuum of healthcare and balance the cost of care delivery.   

General Dynamics IT develops tools and systems that help health organisations apply and evaluate evidence-based medicine. Our clients leverage solutions to identify at-risk populations, analyse health outcomes and evaluate intervention strategies.

  • U.S. Indian Health Service iCare – Managed the design, development and deployment of the iCare Population Management tool. iCare retrieves patient information from various electronic health records, presenting an integrated view of diverse patient data elements for populations as well as individuals via a single intuitive interface.