Health Systems Development and Integration

General Dynamics IT helps health organisations develop integrated clinical systems that work together securely. These interconnected systems enable appropriate and meaningful information exchange and offer care providers greater visibility of patients’ clinical, quality and administrative data. This data is made available for use in new and compelling ways to create information driven healthcare environments that improve the quality of care.

As an experienced integrator of complex health systems, our work typically encompasses the extension of health records to meet specific needs (such as behavioral health), the integration of clinical systems through common interfaces and sign-on, and customised software development for desktop, web and mobile platforms.

  • Prime Systems Integrator (U.S.) – Managed the integration of various types of healthcare data in order to provide a nationwide eligibility, coverage and financial picture for the coordination of benefits. The primary purpose is to provide cost savings by facilitating the prevention and recovery of improper, mistaken and conditional payments made.
  • Single Sign-On and Context Management System (U.S.) –Developed, integrated, deployed and currently maintain the single sign-on system for medical treatment facilities including primary shared facility.