Health Quality Measurement, Management and Reporting

To manage unprecedented demands on the health system, organisations are placing significant emphasis on the measurement and analysis of healthcare service quality across care settings. By ensuring the right things are being measured at the right time healthcare organisations can keep pace with the evolving standards of care, introduce intervention strategies and balance the cost of healthcare delivery.

General Dynamics IT works closely with health organisations to develop flexible systems that collect data, measure achievement against defined quality criteria and report outcomes. By leveraging more transparent information clients benefit from greater accountability from care providers. They also have the ability to measure performance and the capability to incentivise best practice.

  • Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS) (U.K.) – Developed the national solution for calculating healthcare quality measures and performance-based payments for General Practitioners. The implementation brings the NHS to the forefront in pay-for-performance practices and provides a more flexible solution that calculates GP achievements and payments.