Health Data Warehousing and Analytics

Our healthcare systems create enormous amounts of data often referred to as “Big Data” which becomes interconnected information when effectively collected, cleansed, stored and communicated. Better information enables better care by helping clinicians make more informed decisions using a multifaceted view of the patient history. It also supports health commissioning groups to make more informed decisions about local population health needs and provides critical information to health research groups.

General Dynamics IT works with health organisations to transition towards information driven healthcare by making data more open and easier to translate into meaningful information. Our work includes designing and building secure environments to store and manage health data and extends to enabling the data to be securely and virtually accessed by relevant groups. Trending insights into areas such as chronic disease and population health enable health services to be planned more effectively, supporting the identification of means for preventing, treating and managing illnesses and chronic conditions. These intervention strategies help improve the quality of care and help balance the cost of healthcare delivery.

  • Chronic Condition Warehouse (U.S.) – Development and operation of one of the largest health data warehouses in the world with 315 billion rows of health data. Harmonising data from multiple sources and making it available for research and analysis.
  • Virtual Research Data Centre (VRDC) (U.S.) – Enables healthcare research groups to virtually access and analyse healthcare data in a secure environment. VRDC leverages industry leading virtualisation technologies.