General Dynamics IT has experience in delivering services to the education sector, transforming and modernising student financial assistance and associated services. We have worked alongside the U.S. Department of Education for over 40 years delivering services to over 22 million students annually. 

We collaborate with educational departments to streamline complex processes to capture and manage data, reduce costs and advance services by providing technologies which allow organisations to safely archive, manage and distribute their data. 

Business Process Modernisation

General Dynamics IT modernises citizen services for multi-channel access points and to drive self-service. We design and develop web-based information systems that transform paper based applications into web-based intuitive forms, simplifying the myriad of applications and information requested. 

Our experience in post-secondary education and engagement at university and college levels supports organisations to achieve innovative solutions that lower administrative burdens and automate student financial aid verification processing. We use information assurance technologies that provide enhanced security and privacy protection for e-government service delivery, proving our solutions to be efficient in delivering services and benefits at the lowest cost.

  • Design, build and operate critical programmes 
  • Deliver multi-channel access (website, contact centre, email and other customer interactions) to migrating customer contact to self-service. 
  • Deliver solutions that lower administrative burdens, improve services for customers and automate processes. 

Case study

General Dynamics IT student finance loans: Since 1973 General Dynamics IT has worked with the U.S. Department of Education to transform services, including developing and operating a high-volume multi-channel contact centre that is central to the processing of applications for federal student financial grants and loans. The Federal Student Aid Information Centre handles more than 10 million contacts with students, parents and school financial aid officers annually. Facilitation to self-service delivery channels has greatly reduced the volume of phone inquiries in parallel to improving customer experience and lowering operational costs.