Central Government


Expertise combined with our culture of responsibility, industry knowledge and innovative technology places General Dynamics IT at the forefront of delivering business process services, cyber security, enterprise IT and data capture solutions to central government departments.

Business Process Services

Central government departments are facing increased pressure to provide more agile, efficient and customer orientated frontline services, at reduced costs. General Dynamics IT combines experience with people, process and technology, to support central government departments to deliver public service reform. Our experience includes transforming and managing existing services, providing alternative shared service models, to creating new service infrastructures.

Cyber Security

General Dynamics IT has decades of proven experience in providing central government departments and agencies with agile and comprehensive end-to-end cyber security solutions. These solutions defend mission-critical systems, including tactical, cross-domain, large-enterprise and national networks. Our services span the threat spectrum - from assessments and architectures to operational support and innovation.

Cloud Computing

General Dynamics IT serves as a leader in cloud computing and virtualisation migration and support. We assist central government departments to develop and execute their cloud strategies, from building virtualisation and automation solutions, choosing appropriate cloud services to implementing the solution and managing cloud computing environments. We provide the full spectrum of services, from architectures, design and development to integration, operations and maintenance.