Managed eMail Framework Agreement

Managed eMail Framework Agreement

General Dynamics Information Technology was awarded a place on the Managed eMail Framework Agreement which provides access to managed email services for public sector organisations. The scope is divided into core components, common components and supplementary components and all three elements apply equally across all three lots. The core components include:

  • Secure eMail;
  • Secure eMail Gateway;
  • Mobile Device Management;
  • White Pages and Directory Service;
  • Business Partner Secure eMail; and
  • eMail Router.

Common components apply to every requirement and set out the way in which the core components are delivered. The common components include:

  • Access;
  • Administration;
  • On boarding and Off boarding;
  • Information Security;
  • Service Management (including Service Desk);
  • Customer Service;
  • Data Retention; and
  • Compliance; and Reporting.

Supplementary components are ancillary requirements that enhance or otherwise supplement the core components. These may vary from supplier to supplier. Supplementary components may be offered by suppliers as part of catalogue offerings or as part of their response to further competitions. Examples of supplementary components include, but are not limited to: Instant Messaging and Collaboration; Remote Storage; and Insecure eMail.

There are three lots based upon the volume of mailboxes being procured, with the scope of services being equal throughout each lot:

  • Lot 1: small volume email implementation (up to 9,999 mailboxes)
  • Lot 2: medium volume email implementation (between 10,000 and 99,999 mailboxes)
  • Lot 3: large volume email implementations (100,000+ mailboxes)